Do you provide some samples and how do I request those?
  • Place an event order & call us to request samples in advance.
  • If you are not satisfied with the samples, you can cancel your event order and you will be refunded minus the menu price of the samples.
Is the food delivered or do we need to pick it up?
  • We prepare the food right in front of you & your guests at your event!
Please explain how the process of booking and hosting the event works.
  1. Review “Our Menu” on the website and read our FAQ
  2. Reserve your catering event on our website based upon available days in our calendar (at least 48 hours in advance)
  3. Complete your contact information
  4. Choose your menu items for your event, the number of people served, and add them to your cart on the website
  5. Pay for the event on the website with a credit card
  6. You will receive a booking confirmation / receipt by email
  7. You can call us for any questions / concerns
  8. On the day of the event, we will arrive 1 hour in advance to set up
How long is our event?
  • Your event serving time will last for 2-3 hours, not including set up & clean up
Plates, Utensils or Napkins or Drinks included with this service?
  • No, but plastic or paper can be supplied for an extra fee if required
What type of cuisine does your catering service include?
  • A unique combination of American / French / Latin / Asian flavors
Attending team members?
  • 1 or 2 trained crepe & waffle chefs depending on the number of people being served
Do you provide servers with your service?
  • No
Do you have a catering permit?
  • Yes, we have a business license
Do you provide catering for outdoor events?
  • Yes
How much time do you require to set up your catering equipment?
  • 1 hour
How long in advance do I need to book my catering event?
  • Please book your event as far in advance as possible, but at least 48 hours in advance
What are your space requirements to set up?
  • Minimum of a 10 ft by 10 ft space is required
What are your electricity requirements to run your equipment?
  • Minimum of 45 amps required, and at least 4 power outlets.
  • If the catering space is more than 50 feet from power outlets, please provide the extra extension cord(s).
Do you have menu options for people with dietary restrictions?
  • No. This menu contains: Egg, Milk, Gluten/Wheat.
  • This menu is NOT suitable for: Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten intolerant, Lactose intolerance, Dairy intolerant, Wheat free, Soya free, Egg free. Kosher, Halal.
  • *Our entire waffle and crepe menu is based out of a kitchen where eggs, dairy, tree nuts, seeds, coconuts, seaweeds, soy are handled on a daily basis.
  • If you or your guest have food allergy towards these ingredients, it is advisable to not book your event here as How ‘Bout Now cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage claimed by you or any guest with a food or beverage allergy who consumes our food or beverages regardless of circumstance.
Are there any other requirements?
  • Parking for the catering vehicle